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Expand the Sizing Utility to allow for responsive breakpoints like "w-xl-50" (css, feature, v4) hot 8
Navbar component is horizontal only can we add vertical Navbar option hot 4
UncontrolledCollapse "SyntaxError '##toggler' is not a valid selector" test failure hot 1
sanitizer.js has issues on IE11 hot 1
sanitizer.js has issues on IE11 hot 1
UNMET PEER DEPENDENCY jquery@>=3.0.0 and popper.js@^1.11.0 hot 1
Bootstrap 4 Tooltip Persists, Looks Terrible hot 1
Getting "No mixin named -assert-ascending error" in bootstrap/scss/_variables.scss hot 1
Importing css as less hot 1
Modal dialog closes when dragging and releasing mouse button outside dialog hot 1

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