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Pierre Vanduynslager pvdlg @reaktor, @semantic-release, @xojs New York City, NY

pvdlg/conventional-commit-types 191

List of conventional commit types with emoji :tada:

pvdlg/env-ci 184

Get environment variables exposed by CI services

pvdlg/conventional-changelog-metahub 114

conventional-changelog preset

pvdlg/boilerpipe 50

Repackaging of Boilerpipe published on Maven Central Repository.

pvdlg/enml4j 22

Simple utility to handle ENML (Evernote Markup Language) in Java.

pvdlg/cz-conventional-commit 10

Commitizen adapter following the conventional-changelog format, with emojis. 🎉

pvdlg/diffbot-java-sdk 4

API for services.

pvdlg/atom-bright-dark-syntax 1

A bright dark syntax theme for Atom

pvdlg/docker-gitbox 1

Gitbox is a docker image that combines a preconfigured git server utilizing the git smart-http service for repository access. This is complemented by an installation of gitlist. Git smart-http and gitlist are served via nginx.

pvdlg/enml4j-sample 1

Sample demo of ENML4j