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Bastien bastienmoulia Capgemini France Front-end developer at Capgemini

bastienmoulia/angular-pagedown 1

A pagedown editor (used in StackOverflow) for AngularJS

bastienmoulia/angular-svg-icons 1

Angular component to display icons from SVG sprites

bastienmoulia/flagSVG.js 1

Add flags to your websites easily.

bastienmoulia/album-cover-generator 0

Layout of album art for printing

bastienmoulia/angular-aside 0

Off canvas side menu to use with ui-bootstrap.

bastienmoulia/angular-double-scroll 0

Angular component for double horizontal (top & bottom) scroll bars

bastienmoulia/angular-dynamic-locale 0

Module to be able to change the locale at an angularjs application

bastienmoulia/angular-meteor-docs 0

Source for

bastienmoulia/ 0

Angular bindings for

bastienmoulia/angular-pdfjs-viewer 0

PDF.js viewer directive for AngularJS