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Francis Brunelle frabrunelle Montreal Decentralized Web enthusiast

maidsafe/sn_browser 196

Safe Network Browser Application

maidsafe-archive/safe_launcher 97

Node.js App for SAFE Launcher

maidsafe/rfcs 96

Request for Comment (RFC) papers and discussions on Project SAFE core libraries and APIs

davidrusu/bft-crdts 36

Byzantine Fault Tolerant CRDT's and other Eventually Consistent Algorithms

maidsafe/safe-email-app-csharp 12

The example app showcases how to use the MaidSafe.SafeApp ( nuget to build a simple email application

maidsafe/sn_transfers 10

Implementation of Transfers in the SAFE Network.

frabrunelle/ 0

A directory of apps that are compatible with the SAFE Network

frabrunelle/beaker 0

An experimental peer-to-peer Web browser