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Chris Rebert cvrebert @GoogleCloudPlatform SF Bay Area, California, USA @twbs Bootstrap Core Team member. Web browser hater. PLT enthusiast. Believer in infrastructure.

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LMVTFY: Let Me Validate That For You

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Index of CSS bugs/quirks/incompatibilities that Bootstrap works around

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Something between a wiki and a blog

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git command aliases to make its interface halfway logical and user-friendly

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Tolerant CSS media query parser in JavaScript

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Basic shell customizations

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nitpick code review tool

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The current incarnation of my blog

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CSS regression testing tool

issue commentvalidator/validator

checkboxes with "role=switch" should not require attribute "aria-checked"

MDN isn't a specification; is a relevant specification. You indeed don't need to set any ARIA attributes on a vanilla checkbox. But you're setting the role=switch ARIA attribute on the checkbox anyway, for reasons, so it would not surprise me if that attribute has co-requisite attribute(s).

Do you have argument based on the actual spec text?


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delete branch cvrebert/stardoc

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pull request commentbazelbuild/stardoc

Add bzl_library for html_tables_stardoc.bzl

No strong opinion. One bzl_library per public .bzl file is a common pattern and minimizes deps trees, but I'm not on Bazel Team.


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PR opened bazelbuild/stardoc

Add bzl_library for html_tables_stardoc.bzl

Previously, there wasn't any bzl_library which included it. Which prevents further downstream bzl_librarys from being defined with fully accurate deps.

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Chris Rebert

commit sha f146692c08f3f99327a002afcf3fffc74e570e2a

Add bzl_library for html_tables_stardoc.bzl Previously, there wasn't any bzl_library which included it.

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Stardoc: Starlark Documentation Generator

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