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Bryan Petty tierra @Shopify Salt Lake City, UT

tierra/wp-vagrant 136

WordPress Vagrant boxes for testing PHP 5.3, 5.4, and 5.5

tierra/wordpress-plugin-tests 65

WordPress Plugin Unit Testing Configuration

tierra/topicsolved 22

phpBB Topic Solved extension: Allows posting questions, and accepting answers as solved.

tierra/WP-Slider-Captcha 7

Using jQuery UI's slider, create a captcha that replaces the submit button and requires a slide action to submit the form.

tierra/svnlogbrowser 3

Web-based frontend for browsing SVN commit logs.

tierra/wordpress 3

Mirror of the WordPress SVN repository (and personal work in additional branches).

tierra/mwpublisher 2

Automated export of pages from MediaWiki to other formats.

tierra/after_transaction_commit 0

ActiveRecord::Base.connection.after_transaction_commit { ... }

tierra/aroi 0

(A)ctive (R)ecord (O)bject (I)nstrumenter

tierra/better-file-editor 0

WordPress Plugin - Adds line numbers, syntax highlighting, code folding, and lots more to the theme and plugin editors in the admin panel.


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pull request commentwxWidgets/wxWidgets

Updated sample icons using the new logo image

Out of curiosity, did you try the ICO already provided here?

The favicon used on the website is intentionally only 16 and 32, but that MSW icon file contains 16, 32, 48, 64, 96, and 128. I'm sure real apps should also include 256, and maybe even 512, but I think for our samples, it's just fine with 128 max in there (otherwise we're just bloating the git repo for little reason).


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