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Zlatan Vasović zlatanvasovic Physics student, University of Belgrade Serbia Young researcher and developer.

tlienart/PkgPage.jl 82

Create a beautiful landing page for your package in less than 10 minutes.

zlatanvasovic/hackwork 31

:wrench: Layout-based PHP micro-framework for full-stack HTML5 sites

zlatanvasovic/codify.css 27

:paperclip: A minimal and customizable CSS normalization library

zlatanvasovic/mistype 16

:pencil: A simple CSS prototyping framework

zlatanvasovic/ChemEquations.jl 6

Write and balance chemical equations elegantly and efficiently.

zlatanvasovic/percent 6

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Percent control done right

zlatanvasovic/dotfiles 5

:floppy_disk: My dotfiles

zlatanvasovic/Transliterate.jl 5

:black_nib: Converts non-ASCII characters into ASCII using transliteration

tlienart/FranklinUtils.jl 2

Barebones utility package to help with writing lx functions or h functions with Franklin.jl