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J2TEAM/idm-trial-reset 837

Use IDM forever without cracking

J2TEAM/awesome-AutoIt 520

:star: A curated list of awesome UDFs, example scripts, tools and useful resources for AutoIt.

J2TEAM/Facebook-Live-Chat 31

A jQuery plugin to embed Facebook Live Chat into your website, blog, or forum.

J2TEAM/AutoIt-UDF-Collection 30

A collection of useful AutoIt User-Defined Functions (UDF) and Example Scripts

J2TEAM/AdBlock-Checker 24

Detect AdBlock (working on Firefox and Chrome browser) and show a message to users.

J2TEAM/chrome-extension-checker 15

Keep your safe from fake IDM extension on Chrome (and Chromium-based browser)

J2TEAM/AutoIt-Imgur-UDF 14

An AutoIt UDF to help you upload images using Imgur API.

J2TEAM/awesome-js-scripts 14

A collection of useful JS snippet to execute directly from the browser console

J2TEAM/autoit-updater 10

An updater for your AutoIt applications

J2TEAM/30-days-plan 8

30 ngày làm thương hiệu cho kênh truyền thông của bạn


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issue closedJ2TEAM/idm-trial-reset

Source code of SetACLx32.exe and SetACLx64.exe???

Where are the source codes of SetACLx64.exe and SetACLx32.exe?

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issue commentJ2TEAM/idm-trial-reset

Source code of SetACLx32.exe and SetACLx64.exe???

Please see the credit section in


It means that I am not the author of those 2 files. And maybe those files aren't open source either.


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