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jody tate jodytate University of Washington Seattle, WA Lead JavaScript Engineer and Front-End Architect for the University of Washington's Office of Research Information Services

jodytate/angular-doge-directive 1

When your AngularJS project needs a doge.

jodytate/badgerfishjs 1

Javascript code to transform XML into a javascript object using the BadgerFish convention.

jodytate/airhorn 0

Air horn

jodytate/anagram-solver 0

javascript anagram solver

jodytate/angular 0

One framework. Mobile & desktop.

jodytate/angular-fontawesome 0

A simple Angular directive for FontAwesome

jodytate/angular-markdown-directive 0

AngularJS markdown directive using Showdown.js

jodytate/angular-masonry-directive 0

A very simple and 100% compatible masonry directive for AngularJS ... do you know how to use masonry? Good! You know how to use this

jodytate/angular-packery 0

An Angular.js wrapper module for the Packery.js bin-packing library.