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murmurs mrmrs @components-ai Toronto Generative artist. Computational designer. Exploring what can and can't be computed within design.

mrmrs/colors 8987

Smarter defaults for colors on the web.

iheanyi/bandcamp-dl 642

Simple python script to download Bandcamp albums

iheanyi/speakers-who-want-a-platform 442

A directory of underrepresented speakers for Q&A panels/conferences/events. No more excuses.

mrmrs/btns 341

A set of css utilities for constructing beautiful responsive buttons

mrmrs/awesome-system-fonts 188

An awesome list of websites that use system fonts

mrmrs/component-api-talk 78

First draft of a talk I gave recently that I'm trying to turn into a blog post

components-ai/randoma11y 72

Vote on random a11y color combinations

mrmrs/colors-saturated 26

A saturated color palette

jxnblk/Mathematical 23

A Simple CSS Framework


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Update with additional links to color systems

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Update README with link to GUI for editing color groups

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