John Firebaugh jfirebaugh @figma San Francisco, CA

fakefs/fakefs 976

A fake filesystem. Use it in your tests.

emilioforrer/haml_coffee_assets 445

Haml Coffee templates in the Rails asset pipeline or as Sprockets engine.

chaijs/chai-jquery 361

jQuery assertions for chai

appjudo/skim 277

Fat-free client-side templates with Slim and CoffeeScript

jfirebaugh/animations 143

d3 or WebGL animations, one each day

jfirebaugh/capybara-firebug 87

Provides a dead-simple way to run scenarios with Firebug enabled under the selenium driver

jfirebaugh/bermuda 27

Cucumber step definitions for testing jQuery UI widget interactions with capybara

jfirebaugh/chai-jquery 14

jQuery assertions for chai

benbalter/make-maps-better-together 5

Collaborative mapping the GitHub Way™

figma/winston-syslog 2

A syslog transport for winston


issue commentbrave/brave-browser

Fingerprint webauthn doesn't work

I just updated Brave to 1.15.72 and I'm now locked out of sites where I was using Fingerprint webauthn.

I tried Brave Nightly but it crashes immediately on startup.


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push eventfigma/terraform-provider-aws

John Firebaugh

commit sha 9e9a1645bb514684e9ccb4c3e81342b543135f99

Don't set network_configuration property on services with EXTERNAL deployment controller

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pull request commentmicrosoft/TypeScript

Remove optionality for Promise resolve callback

FYI, this is a breaking change for utility functions that externalize the resolve and reject functions passed to the Promise constructor:

export function promiseResolveReject<T = void>(): [Promise<T>, (value?: T | PromiseLike<T>) => void, (reason?: any) => void] {
  let resolve: (value?: T | PromiseLike<T>) => void;
  let reject: (reason?: any) => void;
  const promise = new Promise<T>((resolve_, reject_) => {
    resolve = resolve_;
    reject = reject_;
  return [promise, resolve!, reject!];


../../ts/src/util.ts(14,5): error TS2322: Type '(value: T | PromiseLike<T>) => void' is not assignable to type '(value?: T | PromiseLike<T> | undefined) => void'.
  Types of parameters 'value' and 'value' are incompatible.
    Type 'T | PromiseLike<T> | undefined' is not assignable to type 'T | PromiseLike<T>'.
      Type 'undefined' is not assignable to type 'T | PromiseLike<T>'.

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issue commentfede1024/rust-rdkafka

Documentation of FutureProducer::send is unclear about result type

Looks great, thank you!


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issue openedfede1024/rust-rdkafka

Documentation of FutureProducer::send is unclear about result type

In the code, the result type of FutureProducer::send is declared as OwnedDeliveryResult, which has documentation about the meaning of the members of the (i32, i64) tuple:

However, this type is not showing up in the generated documentation, so it's difficult to figure out how to interpret the result:


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