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Question: Video/Image Sequence/GIF to be used as a Texture in GLTF

Regarding the 'flipboard-style' animation technique, there is an add-on for Blender made by Mozilla that allows you to attach a component called uv-scroll with simple controls to specify offset increments. When you export from Blender as a .glb, the component will be embedded in the model as a glTF extension. (This add-on also adds support for lightmaps, among other features.) The Blender add-on:

Using uv-scroll:


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issue openedmozilla/Spoke

'Model' and 'Spawner' elements default to a scale of 0.1

When using either the 'Model' or 'Spawner' elements, the default scale of the element is 0.1

I would expect the model scale to be 1.0 by default.

This can cause confusion when placing models in your scene.

image image

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issue commentmozilla/hubs

UV scroll with normal map causes graphics corruption over time

Thanks for reporting this one. We’ve noted this before— it’s due to floating point errors as the uv coordinates get bigger and bigger and lose accuracy. We need to change the code to have it ‘loop back’ to the starting point instead of scrolling to infinity. It’s fascinating yet annoying. 😆


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issue commentmozilla/hubs

Enable videos with transparency

There are not very many video formats (codecs) that support alpha channels. Most that do were not intended for use on the web. As far as I understand, in order for Hubs to support this type of format, there would need to be an extension to glTF to allow it. Also, three.js would need to support rendering the format, which it may already.


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Media Frames light up when using the Pen tool

Description When activating the Pen tool, all Media Frames light up (as if you're holding a frame-able object)

To Reproduce Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Enter a room with media frames (default XR room works)
  2. Click the Pen tool button
  3. Look around
  4. Result: Media frames light up

Expected behavior Media frames should not light up while holding the Pen



Hardware <!-- Please complete the following information -->

  • Device: Desktop
  • OS: Windows 10
  • Browser: Firefox (probably all)

Additional context You can also draw on the media frames as if they were solid boxes.

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issue openedmozilla/Spoke

Browser tab title shows scene name when back in Projects

Description: After editing a scene, returning 'Back to Projects' still shows the previously edited scene name in the browser tab title. This occurs in Firefox and Edge, although I'm guessing it would occur in any browser.


  1. Go to
  2. Create a new scene or edit an existing one (note the name)
  3. Save, then go to hamburger menu-->Back to Projects
  4. Result: The browser tab still displays the name of that scene image

Details: OS: Windows 10 Browser: Firefox, Edge, maybe others

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issue commentmozilla/hubs

Improve Broken Media Link Appearance

The broken link icon is clean and clear. 👍


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issue commentmozilla/Spoke

Need a field to allow manual attribution for acquired content

"- Uploaded images and videos shouldn't have default attributions, the user will need to set them directly."

If there's a place somwhere in Spoke to specify the Spoke account holder's info, we could auto-populate with that. This might break down if the model was taken from somewhere else though. Not sure how I feel about this the more I consider it. 🤷‍♂️


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issue commentKhronosGroup/glTF-Blender-IO

Merging color and alpha to one texture when they use different UV channels

Possibly related to


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Fallback to default local model when there is an avatar load error

I'd probably go with one of the standard 'color' bots since they have hands (in case you're using 6-DOF controllers).


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issue commentmozilla/hubs

Screen sharing appears to be related to audio choppiness in a room

Dom and I noticed this again today during the meetup:

  1. I was sharing my screen, and Dom reported my voice as being garbled/choppy.
  2. I stopped sharing my screen, but Dom reported my voice quality remained poor.
  3. Only when I re-entered the space did my audio improve for Dom.

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issue openedKhronosGroup/glTF-Blender-IO

Alpha is ignored unless BaseColor is assigned an image texture

If an image texture's Alpha output is plugged into the BSDF node's Alpha input, it gets ignored on export. The only way it seems to work is if the BSDF node has an image texture plugged into the BaseColor input. This can be either the same image as the source of the alpha, or a different image altogether.

To Reproduce Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Create a plane
  2. Assign a BSDF shader to it
  3. Plug an image texture node (with a PNG containing transparency) from the Alpha output to the Alpha input of the BSDF shader node
  4. Export as .glb and view in any glTF viewer
  5. RESULT: The alpha is not exported
  6. Now go back and plug ANY image into the BaseColor input of the BSDF node.
  7. Re-export as .glb and view in any glTF viewer
  8. RESULT: The alpha is now showing

Expected behavior Using an image texture's alpha as the source of transparency should work independently of whether the BaseColor has an image texture input. In other words, BaseColor and Alpha should be completely independent.


This exports alpha correctly: image

And so does this: image

But this does NOT export with alpha: image

.blend file/ .gltf


  • OS: Windows 10
  • Blender Version 2.90.0

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issue openedmozilla/Spoke

Lightmaps get ignored on export when using PBR shader

If you have a model using a built-in lightmap (exported from Blender using our hubs-blender-exporter add-on), if you are using a BSDF shader (PBR), it will be ignored by Spoke when publishing to Hubs. The lightmap will show as expected inside Hubs, so there must be something getting ignored or stripped out at publish time. (Two .glb objects attached for reference)

The object on the right is using an unlit shader (Background node in Blender), whereas the lefthand object is using the Standard material (BSDF node in Blender): image

Note: Hubs will recognize the object's lightmaps correctly if you simply drag/drop them into Hubs:

(Foreground is the dropped-in object): image

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commit sha bb77b47003513d2cae558b1b0d02c88039fccb6d


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issue commentmozilla/hubs

Add dropdown selections for Admin tool tags

Also, consider a different tag name for that particular tag "featured-remixable"... That tag is actually used to make the scene appear in Spoke as a project template. But that's not very apparent by the name--in fact, it's somewhat misleading.


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issue openedmozilla/hubs

Add dropdown selections for Admin tool tags

When attempting to add tags to scenes in the Admin tool, having a dropdown of choices for those tags would be very helpful. Currently, you need to know the exact syntax for the tag you wish to add, which isn't shown anywhere on that page.


(Pardon the crude drawing on the screenshot)

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issue closedmozilla/Spoke

Morning Dew Hubs template by JC not loading into Spoke

Description Error message comes up when try to remix Morning Dew scene in Spoke

To Reproduce

  1. Go to '...'
  2. Click on '....' Remix in Spoke
  3. See error

Expected behavior To be able to remix Morning Dew scene

Screenshots If applicable, add screenshots to help explain your problem. image

Hardware <!-- Please complete the following information -->

  • Device: Desktop
  • OS: Windows 10 Pro
  • Browser: Chrome

Additional context Add any other context about the problem here.

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issue commentmozilla/Spoke

Morning Dew Hubs template by JC not loading into Spoke

Looks like the Sketchfab model owner marked the main model as Private so it cannot be downloaded anymore, and therefore, cannot be remixed in Spoke.

I went through the Admin tool and turned OFF remixable, but left the scene as-is since it will currently load in Hubs just fine.


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