Ask questionsProposal: Template inheritance using the slots mechanism

What problem does this feature solve?

Within a large application that makes heavy use of inheritance and mixins, the lack of template inheritance causes much jumping through hoops. The rationale under #5401 is eloquently written and captures the gist of it, so I won't repeat it here.

What does the proposed API look like?

My proposal for solving this issue is to simply extend upon the existing slots mechanism. That is (shamelessly copy/pasting from @simplesmiler's example under the issue above):

<!-- parent.vue -->
    <slot name="header">
      <h3>Default header</h3>
    <slot><!-- yup, default --></slot>
    <slot name="body">
      <p>Default body</p>
    <slot name="footer">
      <!-- no footer by default -->
<!-- child.vue -->
<template extends> <!-- here be magic -->
  This stuff
  <h2 slot="header">More pronounced header</h2>
  goes into
  <p slot="footer">Footer added by the child</p>
  the default slot.

Thus the existing composition rules are preserved, while it feels natural to both Vue developers and people used to templates with block-based inheritance (like Django, Pug etc.)

The only rules are that

  • an empty extends attribute can be used only with single-file components,
  • or it must be given a value when extending a DOM element:extends="#template-element",
  • and of course, that <template extends> can allow multiple root elements.

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Answer questions MannikJ

i don't think he knows what inheritance really is...

What does that refer to?


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