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I trying to use async components on my site based on nuxt. But I think bug is in Vue. I have a component with multiple subcomponents. I try to import this component asynchronously. Then when a use hard page reloading in a browser (chrome, firefox etc.) there is a chance to this issue appear

What is expected?

There are no errors expected

What is actually happening?

There is an error: TypeError: Cannot read property 'toLowerCase' of undefined at emptyNodeAt

The error is emitting from this function that part of Virtual DOM patching algorithm:

function emptyNodeAt (elm) {
    return new VNode(nodeOps.tagName(elm).toLowerCase(), {}, [], undefined, elm)

I can't reproduct code via jsFiddle. There is a lot of code. There are some code examples in screenshots

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In my memories there is a procedure, first is to update your nuxt version :


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