Ask questionsKorean input trigger keydown event twice



Reproduction link Jul-16-2019 19-21-53

Steps to reproduce

  1. type Korean input
  2. keydown event like Arrow Up, Down, Left, Right, Enter, Tab ...

What is expected?

keydown event just triggered once

What is actually happening?

keydown event just triggered doubled

In addition to this bug, there's many bugs related to CJK language I love Vue but these bugs make me hard to use Vue 😥

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Answer questions posva

I don't get composition in Korean but I do get it in latin languages and Japanese and I couldn't reproduce the bug. I tried different settings for Korean on OSX but there isn't any composition. It may be related to the software you use, triggering the keydown event twice.

If the problem also appears with plain JS (, you should report the bug to the input software you are using


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