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Conversation on this thread are limited to 0.61.x issues and cherry-pick requests from commits that are already on master.

An example of a good such request is a bug fix for a serious issue that has been merged into master but did not make the 0.61.x cut.

In other words, if you cannot point to a particular commit on master, then your request likely belongs as a new issue in

If the commit you request to cherry-pick is a complicated port, you will be asked to create the PR to the 0.61-stable branch yourself, in order to ensure that the process proceeds smoothly


Answer questions Jarred-Sumner

After upgrading from 0.60.5 to 0.61.0-rc.3, I am running into this error:

[fatal][tid:com.facebook.react.ExceptionsManagerQueue] Unhandled JS Exception: TypeError: hmrClient.send is not a function. (In 'hmrClient.send(JSON.stringify({
        type: 'log-opt-in'
      }))', 'hmrClient.send' is undefined)

<img src="" height=300 />

I have updated my Podfile to rename these two pods: (they were React-RCTWebSocket and React-DevSupport before I think)

pod 'React-Core/DevSupport', :path => '../node_modules/react-native/'
pod 'React-Core/RCTWebSocket', :path => '../node_modules/react-native/'

Is anyone else seeing this?

Adding a debugger here shows that hmrClient is defined but hmrClient.send is not a function (as the error says)

now I'm looking through where send should be defined and I will update this comment when I see it


Solution: Upgrade metro to 0.56.0.

To do that, I ran:

yarn add metro@0.56.0
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