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0.60.0-rc.0 is most likely going to be released tomorrow. The branch is already cut. We are working on the changelog.

Stay tuned.


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Hi, after creating new project with "react-native init RN060 --version react-native@next" (which installs rc1) and running "react-native run-android" I get `error ● Validation Error:

Option "server.port" must be of type: number but instead received: string

Example: { "port": 8080 }`

I don't have this issue on rc0. I think it should work out of the box for new projects.

After adding server: { port: 8081 } to metro config this error disappears but I get "Failed to construct transformer: Error: Option 'mapper' isn't supported by the Node crawler" which I do not know how to fix

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