Ask questionsIncorrect function key behaviors in new M1 MacBook Air

The newly released MacBook Air with M1 processor has the following change to the function keys:

F4: Launchpad --> Spotlight F5: Decrease keyboard brightness --> Dictation F6: Increase keyboard brightness --> Toggle do not disturb

Turning on Karabiner Elements overrides those new defaults to the defaults of old keyboard layouts. Also, since Spotlight, Dictation and Toggle do not disturb are not included in the function key settings of Karabiner Elements Preferences, I cannot manually modify those function keys to what they are supposed to do on this new Mac (unless I turn off Karabiner Elements).

Therefore, could you add those three functions (Spotlight, Dictation and Toggle do not disturb) to the function key settings in Karabiner Elements Preferences? Then the users of new MacBook Air can change the functions of F4-F6 to match the new layout. Automatically detecting the new M1 model and adjusting the default settings to match the new layout will be a plus, but is not urgent.

Thank you!


Answer questions Muirium

Another M1 Air user here looking forward to this fix! Consistency with function key legends is appreciated. (Indeed, those new legends are the one sneaky little physical tell for these all new Macs.)

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