Ask questionsCorrupt ZIP: end of central directory record signature not found

Issue Type: <b>Bug</b>

I tried to install the prettier extension Prettier and it fails. When I try to install it manually from the vsix, this error pops up

Corrupt ZIP: end of central directory record signature not found

The same error shows up with the angular language extension.

VS Code version: Code 1.32.3 (a3db5be9b5c6ba46bb7555ec5d60178ecc2eaae4, 2019-03-14T23:38:49.842Z) OS version: Linux x64 4.18.0-2-amd64

<details> <summary>System Info</summary>

Item Value
CPUs AMD A10-9600P RADEON R5, 10 COMPUTE CORES 4C+6G (4 x 1170)
GPU Status 2d_canvas: enabled<br>checker_imaging: disabled_off<br>flash_3d: enabled<br>flash_stage3d: enabled<br>flash_stage3d_baseline: enabled<br>gpu_compositing: enabled<br>multiple_raster_threads: enabled_on<br>native_gpu_memory_buffers: disabled_software<br>rasterization: disabled_software<br>surface_synchronization: enabled_on<br>video_decode: unavailable_off<br>webgl: enabled<br>webgl2: enabled
Load (avg) 0, 1, 1
Memory (System) 11.27GB (0.49GB free)
Process Argv --unity-launch
Screen Reader no
VM 0%

</details><details><summary>Extensions (21)</summary>

Extension Author (truncated) Version
path-intellisense chr 1.4.2
dart-code Dar 2.25.0
flutter Dar 2.25.0
gitlens eam 9.5.1
EditorConfig Edi 0.13.0
vscode-npm-script eg2 0.3.5
Angular2 joh 7.0.1
vscode-peacock joh 2.0.0
python ms- 2019.3.6215
Go ms- 0.9.2
sublime-keybindings ms- 4.0.0
vscode-typescript-tslint-plugin ms- 1.0.0
wordcount ms- 0.1.0
vsliveshare ms- 0.3.1284
debugger-for-chrome msj 4.11.3
angular2-inline nat 0.0.17
color-highlight nau 2.3.0
material-icon-theme PKi 3.7.0
polacode pnp 0.2.2
vscode-workspace-switcher sad 1.13.1
vscode-wakatime Wak 1.2.13

(2 theme extensions excluded)

</details> <!-- generated by issue reporter -->


Answer questions rolurq

@sandy081 I have keep vscode updated, I think this is fixed, I am not really sure, at least I could install the extensions that where causing the errors, but I haven't installed any new ones. I'm going to close this because the problem hasn't happened again.


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