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I am making a directive to help using Monaco Editor in AngularJS 1.X framework. One feature should be updating the language based on the option. But I cannot change the language.

It seems that the type of monacoeditor in my code is ICommonCodeEditor, I tried monacoeditor.updateOptions({ "language": newValues[key] }), it did nothing. I tried monacoeditor.getModel().updateOptions({ "language": newValues[key] }), it did nothing either. I tried also monacoeditor.setModelLanguage(monacoeditor.getModel(), newValues[key]), it gave an error TypeError: monacoeditor.setModelLanguage is not a function.

Note that it is not the problem of the directive, because it works well to change options like lineNumbers.

Could anyone help?


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Anyone know how to change the language according to code file extension or first line like "#!/usr/bin/env python"?


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