Ask questionsProblem with insane.js while using monaco-editor@0.18.0

monaco-editor version: 0.18.0 (no problem on 0.17.1) Browser: Chrome OS: Windows

Hi, I just upgraded to version 0.18.0 today. I use monaco-editor-webpack-plugin to use the integrated ESM version. I got a message like this

Uncaught ReferenceError: __insane_exports is not defined

I have traced down the problem in /node_modules/monaco-editor/esm/vs/base/common/insane/insane/js, apparently, this is caused by line 95 (sorry I don't really know how to link to the source code)

    __insane_exports = insane;

The line let __insane_exports; was commented out at the top of the file, so that might be a problem. I have searched around a bit hoping to find the answer and I found this file, I don't know how monaco-editor has anything to do with this project but it seems like these 2 insane.js files are similar, except the one I just showed has let __insane_exports uncommented.

Could you please checked this. I have just tried this on a very simple React app using ejected create-react-app and got the same error.

NOTE: I could not reproduce this on 0.17.1


Answer questions Betalos

@blacksteed232, well i'll just wait for a solid fix, since 0.17.1 has no issue what so ever. For now just REVERT!!


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