Ask questionsHighlight merge conflicts in monaco like in VSCode

I am integrating the monaco-editor into an Electron app for three-way merge, so I want to highlight merge conflict blocks in VSCode style. Since VSCode itself is based on monaco, I think it is feasible.

monaco-editor version: 0.17.1 **Browser:**Chromium OS: Windows10

The screenshot of the tool:


The expected result: image

I check the API doc and find a related one that might be useful: colorizeModelLine(model: ITextModel, lineNumber: number, tabSize?: number): string., but I still do not know how to do that because examples are absent. Can anyone give me a hint?


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I have managed to achieve this by the following code:

            range: new monaco.Range(
            options: {
              isWholeLine: true,
              className: 'rightLineDecoration',
              marginClassName: 'rightLineDecoration'

It looks like:


Complete code at:


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