Ask questionsunable to run multi-hand tracking on video


GLOG_logtostderr=1 bazel-bin/mediapipe/examples/desktop/hand_tracking/hand_tracking_cpu \
  --calculator_graph_config_file=mediapipe/graphs/hand_tracking/multi_hand_tracking_desktop_live.pbtxt \
  --input_video_path=/test/no_mask_no_teacher.mp4 \
  --output_video_path=/test/1.mp4 \

erro message

[libprotobuf ERROR external/com_google_protobuf/src/google/protobuf/] Error parsing text-format mediapipe.CalculatorGraphConfig: 17:75: Could not find type "" stored in google.protobuf.Any.
F20200707 02:44:45.360370   118 parse_text_proto.h:27] Check failed: google::protobuf::TextFormat::ParseFromString(input, &result) 
*** Check failure stack trace: ***
    @     0x5645eb5304cf  google::LogMessage::SendToLog()
    @     0x5645eb52f19b  google::LogMessage::Flush()
    @     0x5645eb530db9  google::LogMessageFatal::~LogMessageFatal()
    @     0x5645eb152bc5  RunMPPGraph()
    @     0x5645eb145019  main
    @     0x7efd8d0b7b97  __libc_start_main
    @     0x5645eb15104a  _start
    @              (nil)  (unknown)
Aborted (core dumped)

Answer questions jiuqiant

Because you use the wrong binary.

In docs/solutions/, we mention that

With Multi-hand Support
Running on CPU
Graph: mediapipe/graphs/hand_tracking/multi_hand_tracking_desktop_live.pbtxt
Target: mediapipe/examples/desktop/multi_hand_tracking:multi_hand_tracking_cpu

Please do

bazel-bin/mediapipe/examples/desktop/multi_hand_tracking/multi_hand_tracking_cpu \

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