Ask questionsBuild of Hello World Failed on Darwin (MacOS)

$ bazel build -c opt mediapipe/examples/desktop/hello_world:hello_world Starting local Bazel server and connecting to it... DEBUG: Rule 'build_bazel_rules_apple' indicated that a canonical reproducible form can be obtained by modifying arguments commit = "6c9fcae7a3597aabd43f28be89466afe0eab18de", shallow_since = "1565379803 -0700" and dropping ["tag"] DEBUG: Call stack for the definition of repository 'build_bazel_rules_apple' which is a git_repository (rule definition at /private/var/tmp/_bazel_faucherd/3a6923036fc899f82029b0fb9d70b802/external/bazel_tools/tools/build_defs/repo/git.bzl:181:18):

  • /Users/faucherd/Documents/Personal/Machine_Learning/Google/mediapipe/WORKSPACE:251:1 ERROR: /private/var/tmp/_bazel_faucherd/3a6923036fc899f82029b0fb9d70b802/external/local_config_cc/BUILD:46:1: in cc_toolchain_suite rule @local_config_cc//:toolchain: cc_toolchain_suite '@local_config_cc//:toolchain' does not contain a toolchain for cpu 'darwin_x86_64' ERROR: Analysis of target '//mediapipe/examples/desktop/hello_world:hello_world' failed; build aborted: Analysis of target '@local_config_cc//:toolchain' failed; build aborted INFO: Elapsed time: 58.077s INFO: 0 processes. FAILED: Build did NOT complete successfully (53 packages loaded, 1164 targets configured)

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I am wondering if you need to uninstall and install bazel again after your get Xcode and its command line tools. Also, please do bazel clean --expunge to make sure you have a clean start.

It seems like the error message is truncated, I would like to see more error message if possible. Moreover, can you report the version number of your OS, Bazel, clang, and XCode?

Here are some links that may help:


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