Ask questionsx/build: freebsd-amd64-race builder should be updated to use a newer FreeBSD version

The freebsd-amd64-race builder currently uses host-freebsd-11_1-big. Go 1.13 and newer require FreeBSD 11.2 or newer. We should update this builder accordingly.

If our assumption is that newer stable releases of FreeBSD have fewer bugs, we should likely use the latest stable version we have a builder for, since the goal of a -race builder is to catch data races in the Go code.

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Answer questions paulzhol

@dmitshur I've updated env/freebsd-amd64 to allow building a 11.3-RELEASE images in I should also test and add a 11.4-RELEASE and 12.1-RELEASE now, with 12.2 due in two months. I can't create the images though, brad used to do it I think.


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