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Trying to build my project after upgrading to Golang 1.13.0

And I get those errors:

vendor/ undefined: errors.Frame
vendor/ undefined: errors.Formatter

I saw a related issue there:

But I don't understand what could help me to fix? It seems on Golang side no?

Thank you,


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@ianlancetaylor I have deleted all my cache (/go/pkg/mod/ and also /go/src) but the problem persists.

That's the same when building inside a clean Jenkins pipeline.

In my go.sum file I can see: v0.0.0-20190513163551-3ee3066db522 h1:bhOzK9QyoD0ogCnFro1m2mz41+Ib0oOhfJnBp5MR4K4= v0.0.0-20190513163551-3ee3066db522/go.mod h1:I/5z698sn9Ka8TeJc9MKroUUfqBBauWjQqLJ2OPfmY0=


EDIT: or maybe you are talking about a manual update somewhere? Like a replace inside the go.mod file? Because in my case, I never made a reference to the xerrors package so I was expecting upgrading to 1.13 and having a fresh environment would make it working.


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