unclejack Linux, Go, @Docker, Debian

docker/docker-credential-helpers 522

Programs to keep Docker login credentials safe by storing in platform keystores

ClusterHQ/powerstrip 306

Powerstrip: A tool for prototyping Docker extensions

docker/go-connections 135

Utility package to work with network connections

docker/go-units 106

Parse and print size and time units in human-readable format

contiv/build 7

Packer templates and ansible config to build vagrant boxes

ClusterHQ/powerstrip-slowreq 4

A trivial example plugin for Powerstrip: a tool for prototyping Docker extensions

adfernandes/tarsum-v1-collision 0

Trivial TarSum Collision Demo Due to Extended Attribute Handling

contiv-experimental/sh 0

A shell parser, formatter and interpreter (POSIX/Bash/mksh)

unclejack/ansible 0

ansible scripts for contiv cluster

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