bocoup/ 183

jQuery Fundamentals

bocoup/deployment-workflow 90

Modern Web Deployment Workflow

bocoup/JSARToolkit-Wrapper 53

A simple JavaScript wrapper for allowing you to easily track Augmented Reality Markers in a video source and replace them with custom PNGs.

bocoup/d3-reuse-examples 40

Building reusable charts with d3.chart

bocoup/django_gmapsfield 40

A Google Maps field type for the django web framework

bocoup/mobilevis 28

MobileVis - a gallery of mobile data visualizations

ashleygwilliams/philosophy_club 25

in order to criticize, we must first understand.

bocoup/grunt-init-chromeapp 22

grunt-init template for creating Chrome Apps

bocoup/open-web-fundamentals 22

a celebration and exploration of the open web, for and by those interested in becoming responsible and informed web- makers and consumers