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Python Subprocesses for Humans™.

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A generic, spec-compliant, thorough implementation of the OAuth request-signing logic

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Parse human-readable date/time strings

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Macros in Python: quasiquotes, case classes, LINQ and more!

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PR closed celery/celery

Migrate to Poetry Category: Project Governance PR Type: Enhancement

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We want to migrate to Poetry so that we'll be able to use pyproject.toml and get rid of most of our requirement files.

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NOTE: All patches should be made against master, not a maintenance branch like 3.1, 2.5, etc. That is unless the bug is already fixed in master, but not in that version series.

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pull request commentcelery/celery

Remove celery.task references in modules, docs

Could you please address the rest of the review's comments so we can merge this? Thanks!


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Pull request review commentcelery/celery

test on win32 py3.9 with pycurl windows wheels from

 commands =     unit: pytest --maxfail=10 -v --cov=celery --cov-report=xml --cov-report term {posargs}     integration: pytest -xsv t/integration {posargs} setenv =+    PIP_EXTRA_INDEX_URL=

I guess being explicit is better so I like the original name.


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issue closedcelery/celery

soft_time_limit invalid

I am learning to use celery.

System version: macOS 11.3.1 (20E241)

Python  3.8.8
celery  5.1.2

When I run the following code and wait for it to finish, I repeat the operation several times (random times) and find that soft_time_limit does not work in the celery output log.


from celery import Celery, group
from celery.exceptions import SoftTimeLimitExceeded
import time
import logging
app = Celery(
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

@app.task(bind=True, soft_time_limit=2)
def demo(self, n):
        for i in range(5):
            print(f"No.{}: {i}")
    except SoftTimeLimitExceeded as e:

if __name__ == '__main__':
    tasks = []
    for a in range(1):

    result = group(tasks).apply_async()

celery log:

❯ celery -A worker -c 10 -l info
 -------------- celery@pppig.local v5.1.2 (sun-harmonics)
--- ***** ----- 
-- ******* ---- macOS-10.16-x86_64-i386-64bit 2021-07-24 15:35:34
- *** --- * --- 
- ** ---------- [config]
- ** ---------- .> app:         celery_app:0x7ffc26f19040
- ** ---------- .> transport:   redis://localhost:6379//
- ** ---------- .> results:     redis://localhost/
- *** --- * --- .> concurrency: 10 (prefork)
-- ******* ---- .> task events: OFF (enable -E to monitor tasks in this worker)
--- ***** ----- 
 -------------- [queues]
                .> celery           exchange=celery(direct) key=celery

  . celery_app.demo

[2021-07-24 15:35:34,929: INFO/MainProcess] Connected to redis://localhost:6379//
[2021-07-24 15:35:34,936: INFO/MainProcess] mingle: searching for neighbors
[2021-07-24 15:35:35,952: INFO/MainProcess] mingle: all alone
[2021-07-24 15:35:35,964: INFO/MainProcess] celery@pppig.local ready.
[2021-07-24 15:35:37,340: INFO/MainProcess] Task celery_app.demo[7e0245e0-797a-42e6-85dd-547de39c63fb] received
[2021-07-24 15:35:38,343: WARNING/ForkPoolWorker-8] No.7e0245e0-797a-42e6-85dd-547de39c63fb: 0
[2021-07-24 15:35:38,344: WARNING/ForkPoolWorker-8] 

[2021-07-24 15:35:39,345: WARNING/MainProcess] Soft time limit (2s) exceeded for celery_app.demo[7e0245e0-797a-42e6-85dd-547de39c63fb]
[2021-07-24 15:35:39,345: WARNING/ForkPoolWorker-8] No.7e0245e0-797a-42e6-85dd-547de39c63fb: 1
[2021-07-24 15:35:39,346: WARNING/ForkPoolWorker-8] SoftTimeLimitExceeded()
[2021-07-24 15:35:39,360: INFO/ForkPoolWorker-8] Task celery_app.demo[7e0245e0-797a-42e6-85dd-547de39c63fb] succeeded in 2.0180346350000002s: None
[2021-07-24 15:35:43,045: INFO/MainProcess] Task celery_app.demo[dfa18112-38f6-4e0e-a952-78967d9cfcb8] received
[2021-07-24 15:35:44,046: WARNING/ForkPoolWorker-8] No.dfa18112-38f6-4e0e-a952-78967d9cfcb8: 0
[2021-07-24 15:35:44,047: WARNING/ForkPoolWorker-8] 

[2021-07-24 15:35:45,048: WARNING/ForkPoolWorker-8] No.dfa18112-38f6-4e0e-a952-78967d9cfcb8: 1
[2021-07-24 15:35:45,049: WARNING/ForkPoolWorker-8] 

[2021-07-24 15:35:45,049: WARNING/MainProcess] Soft time limit (2s) exceeded for celery_app.demo[dfa18112-38f6-4e0e-a952-78967d9cfcb8]
[2021-07-24 15:35:45,050: WARNING/ForkPoolWorker-8] SoftTimeLimitExceeded()
[2021-07-24 15:35:45,050: INFO/ForkPoolWorker-8] Task celery_app.demo[dfa18112-38f6-4e0e-a952-78967d9cfcb8] succeeded in 2.0052167459999986s: None
[2021-07-24 15:35:46,897: INFO/MainProcess] Task celery_app.demo[34bbc48f-3723-42b0-8f0c-f20132a17029] received
[2021-07-24 15:35:47,898: WARNING/ForkPoolWorker-8] No.34bbc48f-3723-42b0-8f0c-f20132a17029: 0
[2021-07-24 15:35:47,898: WARNING/ForkPoolWorker-8] 

[2021-07-24 15:35:48,899: WARNING/ForkPoolWorker-8] No.34bbc48f-3723-42b0-8f0c-f20132a17029: 1
[2021-07-24 15:35:48,900: WARNING/ForkPoolWorker-8] 

[2021-07-24 15:35:48,901: WARNING/MainProcess] Soft time limit (2s) exceeded for celery_app.demo[34bbc48f-3723-42b0-8f0c-f20132a17029]
[2021-07-24 15:35:48,901: WARNING/ForkPoolWorker-8] SoftTimeLimitExceeded()
[2021-07-24 15:35:48,904: INFO/ForkPoolWorker-8] Task celery_app.demo[34bbc48f-3723-42b0-8f0c-f20132a17029] succeeded in 2.006053979999999s: None
[2021-07-24 15:35:50,743: INFO/MainProcess] Task celery_app.demo[ef742335-6e4e-4599-aa36-724c6e991a9e] received
[2021-07-24 15:35:51,744: WARNING/ForkPoolWorker-8] No.ef742335-6e4e-4599-aa36-724c6e991a9e: 0
[2021-07-24 15:35:51,745: WARNING/ForkPoolWorker-8] 

[2021-07-24 15:35:52,747: WARNING/MainProcess] Soft time limit (2s) exceeded for celery_app.demo[ef742335-6e4e-4599-aa36-724c6e991a9e]
[2021-07-24 15:35:52,747: WARNING/ForkPoolWorker-8] No.ef742335-6e4e-4599-aa36-724c6e991a9e: 1
[2021-07-24 15:35:52,747: WARNING/ForkPoolWorker-8] SoftTimeLimitExceeded()
[2021-07-24 15:35:52,748: INFO/ForkPoolWorker-8] Task celery_app.demo[ef742335-6e4e-4599-aa36-724c6e991a9e] succeeded in 2.0043429249999996s: None
[2021-07-24 15:35:54,657: INFO/MainProcess] Task celery_app.demo[6f13d05c-a189-4730-91bd-c57f0785bd1c] received
[2021-07-24 15:35:55,658: WARNING/ForkPoolWorker-8] No.6f13d05c-a189-4730-91bd-c57f0785bd1c: 0
[2021-07-24 15:35:55,658: WARNING/ForkPoolWorker-8] 

[2021-07-24 15:35:56,660: WARNING/ForkPoolWorker-8] No.6f13d05c-a189-4730-91bd-c57f0785bd1c: 1
[2021-07-24 15:35:56,661: WARNING/ForkPoolWorker-8] 

[2021-07-24 15:35:56,662: WARNING/MainProcess] Soft time limit (2s) exceeded for celery_app.demo[6f13d05c-a189-4730-91bd-c57f0785bd1c]
[2021-07-24 15:35:56,663: WARNING/ForkPoolWorker-8] SoftTimeLimitExceeded()
[2021-07-24 15:35:56,665: INFO/ForkPoolWorker-8] Task celery_app.demo[6f13d05c-a189-4730-91bd-c57f0785bd1c] succeeded in 2.007433097s: None
[2021-07-24 15:35:58,442: INFO/MainProcess] Task celery_app.demo[540b2b53-8589-4afc-8094-0e961aba5af8] received
[2021-07-24 15:35:59,443: WARNING/ForkPoolWorker-8] No.540b2b53-8589-4afc-8094-0e961aba5af8: 0
[2021-07-24 15:35:59,444: WARNING/ForkPoolWorker-8] 

[2021-07-24 15:36:00,445: WARNING/MainProcess] Soft time limit (2s) exceeded for celery_app.demo[540b2b53-8589-4afc-8094-0e961aba5af8]
[2021-07-24 15:36:00,476: WARNING/ForkPoolWorker-8] 

[2021-07-24 15:36:01,477: WARNING/ForkPoolWorker-8] No.540b2b53-8589-4afc-8094-0e961aba5af8: 2
[2021-07-24 15:36:01,478: WARNING/ForkPoolWorker-8] 

[2021-07-24 15:36:02,479: WARNING/ForkPoolWorker-8] No.540b2b53-8589-4afc-8094-0e961aba5af8: 3
[2021-07-24 15:36:02,479: WARNING/ForkPoolWorker-8] 

[2021-07-24 15:36:03,481: WARNING/ForkPoolWorker-8] No.540b2b53-8589-4afc-8094-0e961aba5af8: 4
[2021-07-24 15:36:03,481: WARNING/ForkPoolWorker-8] 

[2021-07-24 15:36:03,482: INFO/ForkPoolWorker-8] Task celery_app.demo[540b2b53-8589-4afc-8094-0e961aba5af8] succeeded in 5.039028163999998s: None

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issue commentcelery/celery

soft_time_limit invalid

As @f0xxx1 already explained, this works as expected.


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Pull request review commentcelery/celery

Remove celery.task references in modules, docs

 chain breaks:      .. code-block:: python -        from celery.task import task+        from celery import app -        @task(queue='hipri')+        @app.task(queue='hipri')         def hello(to):             return 'hello {0}'.format(to)  Abstract Tasks ============== -All tasks created using the :meth:`~@task` decorator+All tasks created using the :meth:`~@app.task` decorator

Does this render properly?


comment created time in 5 days

Pull request review commentcelery/celery

Remove celery.task references in modules, docs

 format:  .. code-block:: javascript +    // XXX: No longer applicable?

The response is still the same but the ping task is elsewhere.


comment created time in 5 days

Pull request review commentcelery/celery

Remove celery.task references in modules, docs

 Here's an example using Celery in single-mode:  .. code-block:: python +    # XXX: No longer valid?

Yes this is no longer valid.


comment created time in 5 days


Pull request review commentcelery/celery

Add message properties to app.tasks.Context (#6777)

 def __init__(self, message, on_ack=noop,                  maybe_make_aware=maybe_make_aware,                  maybe_iso8601=maybe_iso8601, **opts):         self._message = message-        self._request_dict = message.headers if headers is None else headers+        self._request_dict = (message.headers.copy() if headers is None

Why are we copying the headers?


comment created time in 5 days


push eventcelery/celery

Thomas Grainger

commit sha ea1df2ba82e2492657c2e6c512f85a188ecdec18

import celery lazilly in pytest plugin and unignore flake8 F821, "undefined name '...'" (#6872) * unignore f821 * defer celery imports in celery pytest plugin

view details

push time in 5 days

issue closedcelery/celery

unignore `F821, # undefined name '...'`

F821 is one of the most useful flake8 rules, however it's currently disabled because type comments reference undefined names.

it can be fixed with a conditional dependency on typing or importing typing in an if False: block, see discussion here:

conditional dep

# requirements.txt
typing; python_version < '3.5'
from typing import Any, Tuple

if typing.TYPE_CHECKING:
    from celery import Celery

if False:


if False:
    from typing import Any, Tuple
    from celery import Celery

@auvipy @thedrow do you have a preferred typing import approach? mine is to add the conditional dep

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pull request commentcelery/celery

Fix UnboundLocalError when running celery worker in foreground

@maybe-sybr Thanks for helping me with the investigation. ❤️


comment created time in 6 days