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OS X StatusBar app to help you remember to contribute every day on Github

marlonandrade/malazykit 9

Collection of extensions for easier object instantiation

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My personal blog

knowbody/react-native-release-notes 6

Script to generate a draft of release notes for React Native

tadeuzagallo/animate 3

Animate.js - CSS3 animations without a single line of CSS or JavaScript!

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C++ Basic Math Parser

gneutzling/hackathon-war 1

Uma mini versão do WAR jogada sobre o Google Maps.

tadeuzagallo/C-graphics 1

Small wrapper for OpenGL that makes easier to draw simple objects

tadeuzagallo/cosmus 1

Simple javascript canvas animation representing the universe

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Update Safari feature support

Yes, it's supported in 13.1.


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Update Safari feature support

Safari/JSC supports reference types behind the JSC_useWebAssemblyReferences runtime flag.

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Tadeu Zagallo

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Update Safari feature support

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