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Unable to host Nats Streaming Server on Windows using configuration file

Yes I have been looking into event viewer and there was not much logged there. But you are right cert directories should be fully qualified. That solved the issue. Thanks.


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issue openednats-io/nats-streaming-server

Unable to host Nats Streaming Server on Windows as a service using configuration file

I am trying to host NATS streaming server using on windows as windows service with NATS configuration file as stan config. Service creation is success however when I try to start I get 1"053: service did not start or respond to control request timely". When I run the exact same command on powershell or commandline it works fine. Below is my service creation command sc.exe create my-data-streaming-server binPath=""<streamingexepath>" --stan_config <configFilePath>" Stan configuration file content `tls: { cert_file: "./certificate/data-streaming-server.crt" key_file: "./certificate/data-streaming-server.key" verify: true timeout: 2 } authorization: { users: [ { user: "<user>" }, { user: "<user>" password: "<password>" permissions: { publish: ">" subscribe: ">" } }



NATS Streaming Configuration

streaming: { cluster_id: <clustername> store: "file" dir: "<data_file_path>" secure: false user:"<serverUser>" tls: { client_cert: "./certificate/data-streaming-server.crt" client_key: "./certificate/data-streaming-server.key" server_name: "<serverName>" insecure: false } store_limits { max_msgs: 0 max_bytes: 10GB max_age: "48h" max_inactivity: "12h" }


Thanks in advance.

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