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Easily assume AWS roles in your terminal.

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A walk through the Elixir language in 30 exercises.

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101+ coding interview problems with detailed solutions, test cases, and program analysis

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Minimal examples of data structures and algorithms in Python

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Any example of Tags Contains particular values

Hi, is there any example of checking tag key contains a subset of values?

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Bump version in docs

@Blokje5 Done


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Anshul Sharma

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Bump version in docs Signed-off-by: Anshul Sharma <>

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Added OPA Conftest
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Write tests against structured configuration data using the Open Policy Agent Rego query language

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Good reads for an overall understanding of distributed systems. SBU Fall 2014.

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Curated list of Go design patterns, recipes and idioms

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Stackdriver Canary Analysis

I can work on this, any pointers @stefanprodan


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