sandersky/code-dictation 3

Write code by simply talking to Atom.

sandersky/bootstrap-datetime 2

DateTime picker that utilizes Twitter Bootstrap

dogma-io/react-frost-core 0

The library of core frost components.

sandersky/babel-plugin-auto-css-modules 0

Automatically import same name CSS modules.

sandersky/babel-plugin-react-code-block 0

Display React functional examples with source code.

sandersky/babel-preset-nodely 0

Babel preset used by nodely.

PR closed ciena-blueplanet/bunsen-core

Fix deepFreeze test util

This project uses semver, please check the scope of this pr:

  • [ ] #none# - documentation fixes and/or test additions
  • [x] #patch# - backwards-compatible bug fix
  • [ ] #minor# - adding functionality in a backwards-compatible manner
  • [ ] #major# - incompatible API change

Note: I was trying to re-use the deep freezing code from this project in another project and discovered it has a bug, which is why I filed issue #129. I've since made freezly with the fixed logic and tests, while also applying the fix directly to this repo as well in this PR. However it appears with the fix 3 tests fail, and I don't currently have time to investigate/fix them. I just wanted to use this PR as a heads up @cstolli and @sophypal in case this is actually a bug effecting you guys. Feel free to take over this PR if you want to get this fix in.


  • Fixed deep freeze test utility to actually freeze objects as intended.
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