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vcpkg install vtk:x64-windows failed with: BUILD_FAILED hot 2
shiva[core]:x64-windows build failure - python config failure: Python is 32-bit, chosen compiler is 64-bit hot 2
ffmpeg cannot be installed with spaces vcpkg hot 2
WinHttpSendRequest() failed: 12002 hot 2
[paho-mqttpp3] Failed to find paho-mqtt hot 2
building graphicsmagick failed while installing io2d on macOS hot 1
OpenGL portfile assumes Windows SDK is installed in Program Files (x86) directory hot 1
MacOS X 10.14.6 + XCode 11beta5 build failure on bootstrap hot 1
mhook build failure hot 1
Warning: abi keys are missing values hot 1
Could not detect a Windows SDK / TargetPlatformVersion hot 1
[icu] build failure due to msys - vcpkg hot 1
Error building QT5 on Windows hot 1
Building package boost-build:x64-windows-static failed with: BUILD_FAILED hot 1
Add vcpkg.exe to system path when running .\bootstrap-vcpkg.bat hot 1

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