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AAAI‘20 - Learning 2D Temporal Localization Networks for Moment Localization with Natural Language

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Add Sumatra PDF 3.2

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Click hierarchy -> double, triple, quadruple, etc

<!-- ⚠️⚠️ Do Not Delete This! feature_request_template ⚠️⚠️ --> <!-- Please read our Rules of Conduct: --> <!-- Please search existing issues to avoid creating duplicates. -->

<!-- Describe the feature you'd like. --> Right now, clicking works as follows: Double Click: Selects word based on the boundaries in the config. Triple Click: Selects the whole line.

I would like to alter this behaviour so triple click selects within different bounds. Quadruple click then selects the entire line.


string line = "some text in here"; double click on text: string line = "some **text** in here"; triple click: string line = "**some text in here**"; quadruple click: **string line = "some text in here";**

Ideally, this would be extensible, so if others want to use even more clicks, they can. I work in a domain with many field identifiers that may be multiple words separated by a space. This means selecting them becomes a very manual effort. While I am mostly a keyboard user, I find myself using my mouse a lot while doing refactoring or initial bug exploration.

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issue commentmicrosoft/PowerToys

Enhanced Clipboard history with visualization

@xmedeko What I have and think of building on looks like this: image

  1. When something gets copied to clipboard successfully - you get a little, non-disruptive confirmation tag/button sliding out of a corner of the screen to make you confident you copied something successfully.
  2. When you click the tag - you get the clipboard history UI you normally access with Win+V
  3. When you hover - you get access to a menu of simple contextual commands based on content type and at least in case of text content right now - based on actual content of the copied text using a set of regular expressions that ultimately, a user could configure. If something you copied looks like a GUID - you click to look it up in your source code, documentation, registry or other GUID ID database. If it looks like a name - you could look it up in Facebook, LinkedIn or your address list. Any text can be used to invoke a bing search, a wiki search or source code search. You can also use a keyboard shortcut to strip the format from the text and paste it without formatting even in an app that doesn't normally support "paste as plain text". If you copy an image file - you can click a button to convert it to a bitmap to paste in any app that supports pasting images (e.g. Outlook) and if you copy a bitmap - you can click to use an AI service to get the description of the bitmap as text in the clipboard or save it to an image file and get the file and its path as added formats in the clipboard so you can paste it anywhere that takes a file or a file path but doesn't directly work with an image itself (see below).
  4. You could configure your own text types and URLs or programs that can be opened for them or plug in a PowerShell script to parse+recognize content and/or process it in any way if you want to add your own command to say - resize an image in clipboard before pasting it somewhere or quickly add meme-style text to an image before posting it on social media.
  5. Ultimately, this is a way to speed up work. For example, I use it daily to copy a bug ID and look it up in Azure DevOps with one click instead of - opening the browser, loading ADO, pasting the ID and clicking the search button. We could build a set of built in search patterns and commands and you could also add your own.




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Add More Kernel Mode Compiler Options Area: Build OS: Windows Kernel Mode

An attempt to fix another Xbox issue.

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create barnchmicrosoft/msquic

branch : nibanks/more-kernel-build-options

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"Search: Focus Previous Search Result" causes "The window is no longer responding"


  • Set up keybindings for search.action.focusNextSearchResult and search.action.focusPreviousSearchResult
  • Use these keybindings when there are no search results, nothing should happen
  • And verify that the commands don't show up in the command palette when there are no search results
  • And verify that they work as expected when there are some search results

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push eventmicrosoft/vscode

Rob Lourens

commit sha 79a1f5a5ca0c6c53db617aa1fa5a2396d2caebe2

Break infinite loop in "focus previous result". Don't run focus next/previous at all when not valid

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commit sha ed82a510a2d3d3a8b5b233da5d30ef26a6b92a7e

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into HEAD

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issue openedmicrosoft/Microsoft.Unity.Analyzers

Limit UNT0007 and UNT0008 to `MonoBehaviour`?

Bug description

This is more of a query as to the scope of the rules, rather than a bug report.

  • Version of analyzers assembly: Unofficial.Microsoft.Unity.Analyzers 1.0.0
  • Analyzer rules: UNT0007 and UNT0008

These rules appear to be flagging anything that is derived from Unity.Object, however it appears the issues tackled by UNT0007 and UNT0008 are primarily related to stuff derived from MonoBehaviour - as far as I can tell.

For example, in the game Cities: Skylines:

The prop and m_finalProp are both derived from MonoBehaviour - as expected, anything null-related is problematic with them. The analyzer correctly flags that issue.

However, the m_mesh is derived from Unity.Object but not MonoBehaviour. In my testing I've not encountered any problems using ?., ?? or == null - they have always behaved as expected.

Also, in the case of == null checking instances derived from MonoBehaviour:

// problematic - fails to spot null ref
if (someThing == null) ...

// reliable
if (someThing) ...

The analyzer does not catch that issue.

Note: Cities: Skylines runs on Mono "2.0" (in Dr. Evil air quotes, b/c #define VERSION 2.0 and b/c game dev applied some extra tweaks so it's sort of v2.ish).

Note 2: I've not done much testing with GameObject so not sure if that's problematic like MonoBehaviour.

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issue closedmicrosoft/vscode

"Search: Focus Previous Search Result" causes "The window is no longer responding"

Issue Type: <b>Bug</b>

Type "search" on Command Palette Pick "Search: Focus Previous Search Result" in the options dropdown It causes VS Code to freeze Insider and Exploration versions have the same behavior. Capture

VS Code version: Code 1.45.1 (5763d909d5f12fe19f215cbfdd29a91c0fa9208a, 2020-05-14T08:27:35.169Z) OS version: Windows_NT x64 10.0.18363

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issue commentmicrosoft/vscode

"Search: Focus Previous Search Result" causes "The window is no longer responding"

Fixed in 79a1f5a5ca0c6c53db617aa1fa5a2396d2caebe2


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issue commentmicrosoft/hummingbird

Add ExtraTreesRegressor

I think you did everything right. I believe that for the specific dataset you are using there is not "enough compute" to exploit hardware acceleration. I was going to suggest you to play with the tree implementations but you already tried (good!).

Next thing you can try is to increase the number of trees. You are only using 10 trees, I believe that as you move toward 100s or 1000s you should definitely see performance improvements. (Also increasing the dataset size may help)


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push eventmicrosoft/vscode

Rob Lourens

commit sha 79a1f5a5ca0c6c53db617aa1fa5a2396d2caebe2

Break infinite loop in "focus previous result". Don't run focus next/previous at all when not valid

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issue openedmicrosoft/PowerToys

[Power Rename] suggestion to change check boxes and labels

Summary of the new feature/enhancement

<!-- A clear and concise description of what the problem is that the new feature would solve. Describe why and how a user would use this new functionality (if applicable). -->

I would like to suggest a few small changes to the labels in Power Rename. Take a look at my example: image

  • I think a (checked) check box should be used to include things, not to exclude them. Therefore: " [v] include folders / subfolders / files" (in a more logical order) which may be checked from the start.
  • Same thing applies to: "Item name" and "File extension". Note that only files have extensions. Microsoft also recommends

Use positive phrasing. Don't phrase a label so that selecting a check box means not to perform an action.

Also, I think it would be good to include a Help link to an (online or offline?) page with more information about the possibilities of RegExp patterns.

Also, I think it would be good to add &acces keys to the check boxe labels.

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Add Sumatra PDF 3.2

<samp> Azure Pipelines successfully started running 1 pipeline(s).<br>



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pull request commentmicrosoft/winget-pkgs

Add Sumatra PDF 3.2

/AzurePipelines run


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PR opened microsoft/winget-pkgs

Add Sumatra PDF 3.2

May throw an error if not installed from an elevated shell. The actual installation will work regardless.

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issue commentmicrosoft/react-native-windows

react-native run-windows command is failing at build step

And started throwing this new error after partial build: ReactImage.obj : fatal error LNK1103: debugging information corrupt; recompile module

Should I open a new issue?


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push eventmicrosoft/pxt-microbit

Abhijith Chatra

commit sha dedaab1985a0fd852ad4d130e6dbd7de2c6afee1

Bumping minor version to 3.1

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Abhijith Chatra

commit sha 4b6a3f00ddf057defac3e251c9e9e78d3e225a34


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created tagmicrosoft/pxt-microbit


A Blocks / JavaScript code editor for the micro:bit built on Microsoft MakeCode

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push eventmicrosoft/TypeScript-Website

Orta Therox

commit sha 3a7332734fea289c3c4fa7779c6e59a3c03a6a2a

Some css fixes

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issue openedmicrosoft/vscode-remote-release

If we don't. Or we don't see. Over tomorrow, Over Tomorrow. Enormous historical immigration, migrant, edulature rifts, ocean uplifts, volcanic eruptions, earthquake days, needed because not. Science has never, left, God. It's only short, Faith. But God is not, FAITH.

1590936058063 <!-- Please search existing issues to avoid creating duplicates. --> <!-- Also please test using the latest insiders build to make sure your issue has not already been fixed: -->

  • VSCode Version:
  • Local OS Version:
  • Remote OS Version:
  • Remote Extension/Connection Type: SSH/Docker/WSL

Steps to Reproduce:

<!-- Check to see if the problem is general, with a specific extension, or only happens when remote --> Does this issue occur when you try this locally?: Yes/No Does this issue occur when you try this locally and all extensions are disabled?: Yes/No

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issue commentmicrosoft/WindowsTemplateStudio

The UWP docs should direct newcomers to WTS

As it's not a sample, it's hard to argue for its inclusion on the samples page.

I see where you're coming from, but one of WTS's strengths is generating code samples. You pick which features+frameworks you're interested in, then you can see how they would be used in a real-world application. I think WTS fits in perfectly with the stated goal of the samples page (emphasis mine):

Learn how to build great apps for Windows by experimenting with these samples. These samples show you how features work and help you jumpstart your own UWP apps.

I will raise this with the docs team directly, cheers.


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create barnchmicrosoft/pxt-microbit

branch : stable3.0

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issue openedmicrosoft/TypeScript-Website

Docs: Link to the PDF of the handbook is broken

Page URL:

Issue: The pdf link goes to: Displayed in the browser is: The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

Recommended Fix: I noticed this commit added the PDF to the .gitIgnore, I imagine that is related(?)

Browser: Chrome version 83.0.4103.61

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