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Josh Kalderimis joshk Wellington, NZ Previously VP of Product at @travis-ci and VP of Product at @replicatedcom / Continuously Shaking It Off

hexgnu/linkedin 756

Ruby wrapper for the LinkedIn API

joshk/completeness-fu 162

Simple dsl for defining how to calculate how complete a model instance is (similar to LinkedIn profile completeness)

joshk/devise_imapable 27

Devise Imap authentication module - for when you don't have access to LDAP

joshk/devise_suspendable 20

Devise user account suspension module

alloy/ObjectiveBacon 13

A small RSpec clone, with NSRunLoop powers. The core of MacBacon & NuBacon.

joshk/hued-travis-ci-status 11

Have your Philips Hue lights sync with Travis CI

bumi/awesome_bot_factory 4

laboratory equipment to create skills for your awersomebotfactory

cookiestack/rails 3

Ruby on Rails

jeffkreeftmeijer/edgerails 1 site source


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Josh Kalderimis

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A small docs correct for an ~H""" example

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Rich, real-time user experiences with server-rendered HTML

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