Ask questionsIncorrect error message "... received an unexpected slot "default".

Describe the bug When passing 2 named slots to a component, you get an error message in the console, although everything is correct.

To Reproduce The problem can be seen right in the tutorial under 'Named slots' after clicking 'show me' and opening the console.

Expected behavior There should be no error massage in the console.

Severity Inconvenient. It was leading me on a wrong path, when trying to find a real bug.


Answer questions voscausa

I have the same problem: <NavBar> received an unexpected slot "default". I'am using svelte "^3.20.1"

This is the code with the problem:

<div class="nav-bar">
    <slot name="nav-bar-start">start</slot>
    <slot name="nav-bar-end">end</slot>
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