Ask questionsasync fn + rustfmt don't "just work" inside of RLS

If you create a new rust project in the RLS and try to use async fn:

async fn foo() { }
fn main() { }

you will get errors from rustfmt that async fn is not supported in the 2015 Edition when you attempt to format. This is true even if your project is in Rust 2018. Presumably the RLS is not supplying the correct version information. I view this as a fairly large "user experience" problem.

Note: Probably this should be filed on the RLS repository, but I wanted to file a bug here so that we could track it more easily as a potential blocker for stabilization (I would consider it to be one). I think in the future we should be tracking said bugs through repository-wise searches to avoid this sort of dilemma, but anyway.

cc @Xanewok -- any thoughts?


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Hey @Centril you're tagging all of this issues as async/await blocking -- can you explain why that is? IMO bugs in editors and things shouldn't block stabilization of async/await.

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