Ask questionsshutdown ENOTCONN on TLS.Socket._final

  • Version: v10.15.1
  • Platform: node:10.15.1 docker image on 64bit linux

When using v10.15.1 we are seeing processes exiting with:

Error: shutdown ENOTCONN
  File "net.js", line 364, col 25, in TLSSocket.Socket._final
  File "_stream_writable.js", line 612, col 10, in callFinal
  File "internal/process/next_tick.js", line 63, col 19, in process._tickCallback

This appears in services connecting to Amazon RDS instances via TLS. We are using and for connection pooling.

We do not see these errors on earlier node image (I have tested v10.15.0, v10.14.2 and v10.0.0).

Could this be impacted by #24290 and related commits?
The errors could possibly be bettered handled higher up (by knex or the mysql client), but this does seem to be a significant change in behaviour.


Answer questions syrnick

We're running into the same issue. I don't have a fully runnable repro that I can share, but it reproduces when the connection is closed while the query is still in flight. It looks roughly like this:

const connection = mysql.createConnection(...);
await connection.connect();
connection.query('SOME QUERY', []); // Important: missing await
await util.setTimeoutAsync(100 * Math.random()); // wait a bit; not sure if this is necessary.

There is just mysql@2.16.0, no pooling.

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