Ask questionsCrash with "req.handle.writev is not a function" on Socket.Writable.uncork

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  • Version: 10.6.0
  • Platform: Darwin 18.0.0 Darwin Kernel Version 18.0.0: Wed Jun 27 22:28:20 PDT 2018; root:xnu-4903. x86_64
  • Subsystem: net

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This is a node internal crash that happens with webpack-dev-server, likely with any config, only when running on node 10.6.0:

  var err = req.handle.writev(req, chunks, allBuffers);

TypeError: req.handle.writev is not a function
    at writevGeneric (internal/stream_base_commons.js:59:24)
    at Socket._writeGeneric (net.js:758:5)
    at Socket._writev (net.js:767:8)
    at doWrite (_stream_writable.js:408:12)
    at clearBuffer (_stream_writable.js:517:5)
    at Socket.Writable.uncork (_stream_writable.js:314:7)
    at connectionCorkNT (_http_outgoing.js:646:8)
    at process._tickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:63:19)

The same webpack-dev-server with the same config has no crash on node 10.4.1 and runs successfully.


Answer questions nicholas-eden

Is there a fix or a workaround for this that doesn't require using node 8?

Using node 10.10 and angular 5 I get this error when I run the angular serve command. It only occurs when using the iOS simulator. It may have something to do with which version I'm emulating, definitely happens on iPad 9.2. I don't recall if it occurs in 12, or if I just haven't had it running long enough to trigger the error.

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