Ask questionsfailed to save provider manifest: open .terraform/plugins/linux_amd64/lock.json: permission denied


Jenkins CICD Error I am running on Jenkins (CICD pipeline) but I am getting an error

+ ./terraform init
 **Initializing provider plugins**...
 **failed to save provider manifest: open .terraform/plugins/linux_amd64/lock.json: permission denied** 

here is my bash file:

 agent any
stages {
steps  {
  sh '''
	sudo apt-get install unzip
	sudo wget
	sudo unzip
	echo $PWD
	sudo mv terraform /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/jenks/s3-bucket-creation
	cd /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/jenks/s3-bucket-creation
	./terraform --version
	./terraform init
	./terraform plan -var access_key=${params.access_key} -var secret_key=${params.secret_key}
	./terraform apply -auto-approve -var access_key=${params.access_key} -var secret_key=${params.secret_key}

def terraformInstall(){
    echo "terraform running on Jenkins"
	echo "${params.access_key}"

How to resolve this error?



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