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Terraform Version

Terraform v0.12.0-beta1
+ v1.60.0-dev20190216h00-dev
+ provider.local v1.2.0
+ provider.random v2.1.0

Terraform Configuration Files

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resource "aws_instance" "default" {
  ami                   = var.dsm_ami
  instance_type         = var.dsm_instance_type
  security_groups       = var.dsm_security_groups
  iam_instance_profile  = var.dsm_iam_instance_profile
  key_name              = var.dsm_key_pair
  tags                  = local.tags

  /* copy up private keyfile for chef-solo to use */
  provisioner "file" {
    source = "~/.ssh/Oregon.pem"
    destination = "/home/ec2-user/.ssh/Oregon.pem"
    connection {
      type = "ssh"
      user = "ec2-user"
      private_key = "${file("~/.ssh/Oregon.pem")}"

Debug Output

2019/03/25 11:38:43 [TRACE] statemgr.Filesystem: unlocked by closing terraform.tfstate
Error: Missing required argument

  on line 27, in resource "aws_instance" "default":
2019-03-25T11:38:43.461-0400 [DEBUG] plugin: plugin process exited: path=C:\Terraform\terraform.exe pid=2384
2019-03-25T11:38:43.461-0400 [DEBUG] plugin: plugin exited
  27: resource "aws_instance" "default" {
2019-03-25T11:38:43.463-0400 [DEBUG] plugin: plugin process exited: path=C:\Users\wesleym\AppData\Roaming\terraform.d\plugins\windows_amd64\terraform-provider-aws_v1.60.0-dev20190216H00-dev_x4.exe pid=15504

2019-03-25T11:38:43.463-0400 [DEBUG] plugin: plugin exited
The argument "host" is required, but no definition was found.

Steps to Reproduce

Please list the full steps required to reproduce the issue, for example:

  1. terraform init
  2. terraform plan or terraform apply

Answer questions wesmartin17

Great! Thank you so much for getting to this so quickly @jbardin @apparentlymart I must have missed that i


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