Ask questions`nomad job stop` sends `interrupt` signal for docker driver?

Nomad version

Nomad v0.13.0-dev (fb170f37a05d712e3046d604c362804c7934cfc9+CHANGES)

Operating system and Environment details

Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS


Reproduction steps

Not too sure why nobody has noticed, but it seems like nomad job stop sends a docker task the interrupt signal, as opposed to the expected TERM as per

To confirm this, I basically added debug logging to

My debug output for the signal parameter gives interrupt.

My first clue was from my alloc logs, where I see 'Sent interrupt'. The line from nomad job stop is called out below

Time                  Type        Description
2020-09-19T10:50:04Z  Killing     Sent interrupt. Waiting 30s before force killing
2020-09-19T10:50:04Z  Killed      Task successfully killed
2020-09-19T10:50:04Z  Terminated  Exit Code: 1, Exit Message: "Docker container exited with non-zero exit code: 1"
2020-09-19T10:50:02Z  Killing     Sent interrupt. Waiting 30s before force killing                 --> did `nomad job stop` here
2020-09-19T10:45:51Z  Started     Task started by client
2020-09-19T10:45:37Z  Driver      Downloading image
2020-09-19T10:45:37Z  Task Setup  Building Task Directory
2020-09-19T10:45:34Z  Received    Task received by client

Job file (if appropriate)

any standard job file will do; you can use the example file from nomad job init too


Answer questions jf

Sure. I just had the impression (as I believe most folks would as well) from the docs ( that my tasks would be getting TERM instead of KILL


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