Ask questionsErrors "You returned a non-DOM element. You must specify a refKey in getRootProps"

  • downshift version: 3.2.10
  • node version: 8.15.1
  • npm (or yarn) version: 6.4.1
  • emotion version: 10.0.10


I'm using emotion element as a root one for downshift with specified refKey -

const containerStyles = css`
  label: dropdown__container;
  width: 100%;
const Container = styled('div')(containerStyles);

// ...

<Container {...getRootProps(
    refKey: 'ref',
{/* ... */}

but downshift keeps complaining -

downshift: You returned a non-DOM element. You must specify a refKey in getRootProps
downshift: You must apply the ref prop "ref" from getRootProps onto your root element.

Answer questions silviuaavram

I will close this since landed. Let me know if it still does not work.


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