Ask questionsFlaky test: TestNetworkDBIslands

Seen failing on various ocassions; for example, in; and various others;✓&q=is%3Apr+is%3Aopen+TestNetworkDBIslands

--- FAIL: TestNetworkDBIslands (75.82s)
	Location:	networkdb_test.go:838
	Error:		"map[1722b448b57a:1722b448b57a 6958c4881c3b:6958c4881c3b]" should have 3 item(s), but has 2

	Location:	networkdb_test.go:839
	Error:		"map[3fd12de03ffa:3fd12de03ffa]" should have 0 item(s), but has 1


Answer questions thaJeztah

should be fixed by

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