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These points relate to Several points:

  1. The following Dockerfile does not build:
FROM ubuntu
CMD --ignored-param1
# docker build -t top .
Sending build context to Docker daemon  70.14kB
Error response from daemon: Dockerfile parse error line 6: Unknown flag: ignored-param1
  1. command output conflicts with argument(s?) to docker run in the example given:
$ docker run -it --name test top --ignored-param2

Mem: 1704184K used, 352484K free, 0K shrd, 0K buff, 140621524238337K cached
CPU:   9% usr   2% sys   0% nic  88% idle   0% io   0% irq   0% sirq
Load average: 0.01 0.02 0.05 2/101 7
    1     0 root     S     3168   0%   0% /bin/sh -c top -b cmd cmd2
    7     1 root     R     3164   0%   0% top -b

Command gives --ignored-param2, while output uses cmd cmd2. This is besides the fact that the container's output from top does not reveal the command line arguments for both sh and top; you need to use docker top test for that.

  1. The table at needs to be updated. Specifically the ENTRYPOINT exec_entry p1_entry, with CMD exec_cmd p1_cmd entry. I get /bin/sh -c exec_entry p1_entry sh -c exec_cmd p1_cmd

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Now no external dependencies are needed to play with all combinations of ENTRYPOINT and CMD.

this is great! thanks.

At least the shell form prevents the CMD to be used. A second /bin/sh normally doesn't make sense in the command line, but of course depends on what the entrypoint does with it.

Surely the shell form still does something with the CMD provided in the Dockerfile? That was my point and why I say the documentation isnt really correct.

I you like you could draft a PR to update the table in docker/cli repo.

Thanks. I can. Just not too sure about (as I've said) whether this is a bug in the doc, or if the behaviour has changed.


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