Ask questions"extractCss" is deprecated warning, although extractCss is not being used after updating to Angular 11

I'm getting the following warning after updating to angular 11:

Option "extractCss" is deprecated: Deprecated since version 11.0. No longer required to disable CSS extraction for HMR.

The option doesn't appear at all in the angular.json. Is there a way to disable this warning? Any idea what could be triggering it?


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I'm sorry, but we can't reproduce the problem following the instructions you provided. Remember that we have a large number of issues to resolve, and have only a limited amount of time to reproduce your issue. Short, explicit instructions make it much more likely we'll be able to reproduce the problem so we can fix it.

If the problem persists, please open a new issue following our submission guidelines.

A good way to make a minimal repro is to create a new app via ng new repro-app and add the minimum possible code to show the problem. Then you can push this repository to github and link it here.

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