ellbee/amnesia 0

Mnesia wrapper for Elixir.

ellbee/asdf-nodejs 0

Node.js plugin for asdf version manager

ellbee/authors 0

Elixir script to generate NPM AUTHORS file

ellbee/babel 0

Babel is a transpiler for writing next generation JavaScript.

ellbee/cepheus 0

For Audrey

ellbee/circuits_gpio 0

Use GPIOs from Elixir

ellbee/circuits_uart 0

Discover and use UARTs and serial ports in Elixir

ellbee/crc 0

CRC library in elixir

ellbee/distillery 0

A pure Elixir implementation of release packaging functionality for the Erlang VM

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Lee Bannard

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vim: nmap Grepper to <leader>f

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