DJ Enriquez djenriquez @dreamboxlearning Seattle, WA

djenriquez/nomad 29

Dockerized Nomad

djenriquez/ngicon 6

A dynamic NGINX reverse-proxy for Consul registered services

djenriquez/consulidator 4

Simple, dockerized way to backup and restore your Consul datastore

djenriquez/consul-backup 3

Consul KV back up script in Go

djenriquez/ewbf-cuda-miner 2

Run ewbf-miner for zcash

djenriquez/filebeat 2

Dockerized Filebeat

djenriquez/kafkat 2


djenriquez/bminer 1

Bminer's Dockerized CUDA miner

djenriquez/datadog-nvml 1

Datadog Agent /w NVIDIA Drivers


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issue commenthashicorp/nomad

Preempted alloc during deploy guarantees failed deployment

Just wanted to update, our organization deploys a few times a day and we see this issue a few times a week. Any update on a potential fix? Seems serious if canary deploys aren't dependable.


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