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Wilson Ding dingwilson @limebike San Francisco, CA I build cool stuff people use @limebike | formerly @amzn @IBM-Swift

dingwilson/MultiPeer 177

📱📲 A wrapper for the MultipeerConnectivity framework for automatic offline data transmission between devices

dingwilson/Hackathon-Packing-List 16

📋 Hackathon Packing List - A Handy Guide

dingwilson/MultiPeer_Sample 12

Sample application for MultiPeer Framework

dingwilson/CleverCalorie 8

🍴CodeRED Hackathon Project - iOS Health App. Point your camera at a plate of food and find out the nutritional information in realtime.

dingwilson/BackTrack 5

🎙IncubateX Hackathon Project - iOS Passive Audio Recorder w/ IBM Watson STT and AlchemyAPI NLP Integrations

dingwilson/DivBin 2

iOS Swift app using object recognition and machine learning to classify objects as recyclable, compostable, donatable, or trash

dingwilson/dotfiles 2

🔧 My dotfiles and system config

dingwilson/Motivation.safariextension 2

New Safari tab page showing your age

dingwilson/BreathEZ 1

💊 SASEHack Hackathon Project - iOS App to regulate breathing for those who suffer from panic or anxiety attacks

issue commentdingwilson/MultiPeer

Can not connect on iOS 14

Hey @ioviov - Feel free to create a PR against the repo! :) We welcome contributions


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issue commentdingwilson/SwiftVideoBackground

Url to pull video stream in the background?

Hey @BoltAlot2 - I tried to look at that stream url you have listed and it seems like nothing is playing. I am not too familiar with handling live streams - do you have the same issue with native AVPlayer?


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